We make it happen!

We make sure that everything runs smoothly – and so much more! We are a key strategic unit that generates a competitive lead in close collaboration with the respective business. As a business enabler, we devise the best solutions for our clients.

“IT is business and business is IT” – partnering on equal terms is a significant innovation driver for us. Every single member of our team values appreciation, personal initiative, solution-mindedness and motivation. We get IT done.

We make it happen!

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What defines us

People first

We want everyone here to feel comfortable, and we look out for one another. The people who work with us are as different as their life stories, yet we all have one thing in common: We enjoy working here because we empower diversity and personal opportunities.

Innovation driven

We are courageous and embrace new challenges with great passion. Exploring new horizons means to think outside the box and learn from mistakes. And for this, we must be bold when taking decisions for the future and step out of our comfort zone.

Culture is key

Our language speaks to all: friendly, appreciative, and dependable. Acting as one as well as trust characterise how we treat each other. This results in fun and enthusiasm for everything that we do, and you can feel that.

Acting with a conscience

We bear responsibility. Sustainability is a central element of our work, on three levels: ecological, economic, and social. After all, as an eco-logistics enterprise it is not only about us and our future as a company, but about the future of all.

What we offer

Family-like environment

We focus on YOU – mutual trust, openness and appreciation form the basis of our collaboration.


Thanks to mobile and hybrid working models and trust-based working hours, you shape your working day with the flexibility that best suits you.


It is our goal to look towards the future together, and to offer to you a broad spectrum of professional development options to tap the very best that you have to offer.


Your ideas will shape tomorrow’s IT – and we look forward to hearing them. From the very beginning, you will contribute independently as a full team member.

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“FIEGE is taking a hybrid approach to cloud computing to advance the organisation’s services and infrastructure, i.e., to enhance them. This not only means that we here at the Cloud and Server team migrate everything into the cloud, but also that we try to combine cloud-based advantages with our existing systems. One major issue here was how to design the Azure Landing Zone, which is something of a central meeting point in the cloud for FIEGE services which we built together with Microsoft’s Fasttrack team. The effort from the international team which consulted with us was a lot of fun. On the other hand, openness and future-mindedness on behalf of the management is very beneficial here. At FIEGE IT, you enjoy great liberties and help to trial new technology and features in order to apply these productively in the future. This is a solutions-based way of thinking which I very much like for my work.”

“As a Business Intelligence Product Manager, I oversee the entire BI product portfolio. We convert operational data and performance indicators into information and reports and provide these to the different units. It is important to take decisions based on data rather than just following your gut instincts. Here at FIEGE, our system landscape is very multiplex. Each location has its own solution. It is quite exciting to work with this many technical systems and to face the challenge of bringing data to light and thus to help our colleagues. Since there is always a challenge that we can solve as a team, every day is pretty much a highlight. The cogwheels mesh well and communication is smooth. Failures are also accepted as part of the deal. FIEGE believes in a fail hard, fast, and often culture.”

The FIEGE Academy offers a broad spectrum of eLearning programmes and in-presence training to all employees that can be tapped from anywhere, around the clock. The perfect requirements for growing on a professional as well as personal scale.

“Since July 2020, I have been working as a team lead at the IT Service Desk at FIEGE IT. Me and my team, we handle the First Level Support and future development of related products and services. We continuously work on raising the standards for our products and services based on ITIL and on improving them for users and departments alike. Our team is present across the whole of Germany – being based mainly in Greven, Hamburg as well as remotely – and simultaneously supports exciting projects and tasks from all areas every day. In the beginning, it was quite the challenge to get to know everyone on the team from afar. With the help of daily online exchanges, routine on-site visits and team events, a solid team dynamic has formed. And even the professional development of my employees is dear to me. Many colleagues specialise after two to three years on specific departments and change to the Second Level, or the strategic level.”

We are one team and despite working from different locations, are connected with each other. Together, we celebrate our success and look forward to the future! Find out more about our digital team event.

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